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"Think it, Say it, Do it.

Follow your dreams, live your passion, love your life"

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Danny and Paula are a husband and wife team who tour Australia, Europe and Asia with their unique blend of motivational shows, building self esteem, confidence, resilience and self belief in young people.

Danny is a motivator, presenter, writer and comic who brings the best out of the students he presents to, making a lasting, profound difference to their lives.

Paula is a primary school teacher and is currently doing her masters degree in gifted education, working with all age groups. Paula specialises in literacy, is a life coach, motivator, presenter and has a passion for making a difference in children's lives. Paula works closely with schools, parents and children in regards to the effects of bullying, with effective strategies for dealing with the perpetrators and how to assist those being bullied.


Your Children Can Achieve ANYTHING.

What do you want for your children?

  • Health

  • Safety

  • Happiness

  • Love

  • Finding what they are PASSIONATE about, and DOING it?

These are what our shows and workshops are all about. Building resilience, self confidence, self esteem and a passion for living. Below are just some of the things principals, deputy principals, teachers have been saying about this evolving show over the past five years.

If this resonates with you, and what you want for your children in life, contact us. One more thing. Bullying is a big issue. Young people rarely learn how to deal with bullying, and it can have drastic effects on their lives.

We do something about that, in the room, on the day. Please come along too if you are able. We looking forward to visiting your school and community soon. We are committed to making a difference in yoru children's lives, and we know you are too.

What are people saying about the show?

10 out of 10 - "Our students absolutely enjoyed the entire performance and the engagement of fun, art and writing activities. From a teachers perspective, this performance should be rolled out to all educators to not only inspire the 'artist' but also inspire the power of creativity, empowerment and having a go! Perfect for Art, English, PD and Personal Development." Ms. Ho, Maroubra Junction Public School

10 out of 10 - "Whoever said children cant concentrate for longer than 20 minutes?! Dan and John's relaxed but highly entertaining performance had the children mesmerised from beginning to end. Studies indicate children laugh 300 times a day; we maye have broken the record today! You cannot fake good communication with children. Dan's centred, authentic style had the kids on side from the start and they related to everything he said and did!" Linda Griffin, Carine Primary School. Perth, Western Australia

10 out of 10 - "The students LOVED the performance. They were positive, engaged and interacted really well with the performers. This was a FANTASTIC experience for both staff and students, with a great message of 'reach for your goals/dreams and don't give up'. VERY positive! This performance is great for English and Art, but probably a GREAT ONE for any 'Religious Education'  (personal growth area). Great for the area of Pastoral Care and student well-being. Phoebe Koch, Saint Aloysius College, Adelaide.

“Out of 10 - Off the scale! The best performance/learning experience I have seen in 10 years of education. Every child was engaged and hanging off every word and laughing at every action. They produced amazing artworks and were all excited about their stories.” Belynda Seale, Deputy Principal, Falls Road Primary, Perth

"9 out of 10 - LOVED the show! Outstanding, Inspirational, Creative, Hilarious, Practical. Supported and enhanced our writing, arts, self esteem and imagination areas wonderfully. St Anthony's Catholic School, Greenmount.

The HIGHEST on the scale, way above 10 out of 10! - The children responded so enthusiastically with laughter and wonderful participation. This was a highly entertaining performance that delivered a valuable message. All the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the performance and thank you for all your compassion and assistance." Lucine Franklin, St Anthony's Catholic School, Greenmount.

"9 out of 10 - Our students were highly motivated to participate and 'have a go.' They were all VERY keen to both write and draw during and after the performance. It is great to have performances that support what we're doing in the classroom. WELL DONE! Nedlands Primary School, Nedlands, Perth WA

10 out of 10! - The kids were absolutely enthralled - all levels from pre primary to year 7 were buzzing with creativity and excitement, bursting with new found self confidence. And thank you so much for the FABULOUS drawings, we will laminate them and put them in our library for all to share. ps Thank you particularly John for the orangutan!" Jenny Webb, St Anthony's Catholic School Greenmount

"Danny’s agility and positive manner kept everyone in the hall fixed on what he had to say, in awe, in suspense and in fits of laughter. He is a great showman with a passion to deliver his message …”
“Dave’s cartooning skills made the children’s stories come alive in a way that I had never seen before.  He made the activity so simple that even the least confident artists realized that they too could create a masterpiece of their own...”
“Danny and Dave were an inspiration to us all, as for weeks after, children were still talking about the day and drawing their tales. I am so glad we invited them to our school." Dee Coppen Seven Sisters Primary School, London

"10 out of 10 - Our students were totally engaged and highly motivated. They were all inspired to take the challenges Dan and John set, to risk writing and illustrating without fear of getting it wrong. They have already asked me to book Dan and John again!" Ann Lahoud, Tregear Public School, Tregear, NSW

"10 out of 10! The students loved every minute of their experience.” Louise Taylor, Deputy Principal, Napier Intermediate School NZ

"Rob's energy and imagination challenges our students
 to see ordinary objects in extraordinary ways.
 I highly recommend Rob's workshops to any teacher
 interested in inspiring their students to be more
 imaginative and enthusiastic about writing."
 Jo Knight Class Teacher, Little Grove Primary School

“Dan’s ability to help reluctant students, from all class
 levels, to achieve publishing quality work is a magnificent
 tribute to his efforts.”  Greg Grey, Albany Primary

 “Rob's professional skills made this a key learning
 experience and his gift for allowing the students to
 navigate where the workshop goes and seeing the funny
 side of things, makes for a highly educational and eye
 opening experience, with students' producing
 work of an unprecedented standard.”  Max Kosovich,
 Yakamia Primary School

 “You encouraged children who are very reluctant
 speakers and writers to step outside their comfort
 zone and entertain themselves and an audience.
Each child had a sparkle in their eyes that we rarely
 see. They were engaged, enthused and most importantly
To witness children who are not risk takers, grapple
 for your attention so they could be part of your magic
 world is a wonderful experience.”
 Mandy Stacey Coolgardie Primary School

“The children's imaginations have been captured and this has been observed by teachers and parents. The concepts used to empower the children were fantastic and we will continue to use these in class." K. Cairns, Glenbervie Primary School, Whangerei, NZ

"Follow your dreams, live your passion, love your life"