Frequently Asked Questions and How to Book Chocmint

“It was very funny, very interesting. The whole session was fantastic. Danny showed us we can do anything, and I really enjoyed John’s cartoons and learning how to draw. It was really enjoyable, funny and different.”  Heather 11

Visit our CONTACTS PAGE on the left of this page and talk to us. We are on the road a lot so if you'd like to ring us, leave your number and email address and we will call you back.

"What do you need at the venue?" White or black board, one adult height table/desk, two chairs, hall, theatre, room or gym large enough to seat children in rows, usually sitting on the floor. We create a ‘catwalk’ up the middle with masking tape. Each student needs plain and writing paper/notebook, something to lean on plus pens and pencils. About one hour for the youngest group, 1 ½ hours for older age groups

"How many do you usually have in the audience or workshop?" We present to any number of students and up to three shows a day. We aim at having between 100 - 300 children at each show, and often smaller schools get together to book us in one venue for the day. However we work just as well in small classrooms, and we have had wonderful days with as few as one or two children in a ward at a show, in Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

"How much does the Imagination Creation show cost?" We negotiate and work with schools in order to reach as many children as possible. Please contact us to discuss the cost, because this is an area we have control over. We do have appropriate merchandise for sale as well, and this can be available on the day and/or from our website.

'What age groups do you work with?" We present to young people aged 5 - 18, and to young people and their families together. We concentrate on 5 - 12 year olds in school, and usually staff split their classes into three age groups. However we have enjoyed very successful shows with an entire school, and on two memorable occasions we presented to 300 young people in one group, aged 3 - 18. It does work!

"Does the show work for children who have various disabilities?" Absolutely! We work with children who have difficulty with their sight, hearing and children who have autism as well. During each show we stimulate the imagination, to such an extent teachers have been astonished at the long term impact it has had on children with autism. All feeback from teachers and children with hearing and visual impairments have been 10/10, as we are inclusive and ensure children get the maximum benefit from shows. Please let us know if there are children in the group you are concerned about, so we can find a solution to their needs on the day.

"Where do you perform and present?" Everywhere we are asked to go. We work in government schools, exclusive private schools, schools with specific religious beliefs, hospitals, youth prisons, single gender schools, International schools. So far we have performed throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK and this year we have bookings in Latvia, Spain and America as well as revisiting countries we tour each year. See our links page for schools we have visited. Most of our bookings come from word of mouth, and feel free to contact schools on the feedback page and ask about our shows.

"Do you perform shows in theatres?" Yes we do, so if you are interested in booking a show that not only highly entertains but make a positive difference in the community, please contact us. See the top of this page for show requirements.

"What happens to all the cartoons you create on the day?" The school or organisation get to keep everything we create on the day. Usually schools frame the pictures, all created on A1 or A2 paper, or laminate them. The pictures are created from the stories students make up, so these are original and special to the students at the school. Photo's of the pictures produced on the day are available to print for free on FLICKR.

"Do you all love what you do?" Yes we do. We have found what we love doing, and know how we can share this possibility with everyone.

Contact us and let’s talk about what’s possible.




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