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“I thought it was brilliant and funny at the same time. The acting was one of the funniest things I have ever seen and John’s art was amazing. In half an hour we could draw something great. It was nothing like I thought it would be. It was much better!” Grace 12

Rob Daniel

Rob Daniel (Danny): Born in South Wales, brought up in England, spent the last 24 years based in Albany, W. Australia.
Children's motivator, entertainer, presenter, writer, freelance photo-journalist who loves travelling the world and has a passion for making a difference to young people. Australian and New Zealand agent.

Rob Daniel


Dave McCleery: Born in Ireland, based in UK. Cartoonist, artist, children's presenter, motivator, photographer, musician. Dave has found his vocation in life, and combines his love of creativity and working with young people. Visit  Dave's UK agent.
Dave McCleery


Paula Daniel

Paula Daniel: Australian teacher, presenter, motivator. Paula and Rob are married and together founded Chocmint to work with young people and make a positive difference in their world. Paula is driven by her determination to cut the youth suicide rate to zero.

Paula specialises in gifted education and literacy, and is currently doing her masters degree in gifted education. Paula and Rob (known as Danny) are co founders of the International Foundation for Children.



Steve Hamerslag Steve Hamerslag: Born in Zimbabwe, brought up in Wales, lives in Australia. Steve works in radio, television and in business. His natural, humourous style creates a relaxed atmosphere. Steve is a mimic too, recreating everything from a digital watch to an angry Tasmanian Devil.


"Follow your dreams, live your passion, love your life"