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Children's E-books Newly Published, and FREE!

Oct 6, 2006

Hello! Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter :o)

A quick message to let you know there are three new
children’s e-books available at

Dipweed and Stick
The Mole Gang

And, these books are FREE! Just download them from the

If you are asked for a password, type in ‘smile’ and that
will get you in!

You can also pass these books around, e-mail them to
friends, take them to school, even sell them and keep the
money for yourself if you like.

I have included the links to our website inside the books,
so for us the more they are spread around the world the
better. It’s great to know people are reading the books,
and spreading the word about at the same

A bit of news: We are getting closer to putting together a
World Tour! Schools in Australia, America and the UK are
showing interest in the creative writing, memory and
self-esteem workshops we run, and we are in the mood to go
travelling and share what we do with everyone who is

So our November tour around the south west of Australia
might soon be expanding.

We hope to see you somewhere in the world soon!
Rob Daniel